Kitchen Services

No matter what stone or colour you’re looking for, Aras Marble has got you covered. Our kitchen countertops are long-lasting, natural and stunning, so they are sure to bring a luxurious feel to your home. We only use the most high-quality stone and superior craftsmanship for all our projects.

Kitchen Counter Tops

A marble kitchen countertop will give your kitchen a fresh, bright and elegant look. Marble isn’t all the craze just because of its visual appeal, but marble is also used to signify sophistication and a certain element of elegance.

Kitchen Islands

Marble is a timeless material, and a marble kitchen island is durable, beautiful and even an ideal surface for baking. The marble finish of the kitchen island provides style, function, and quality, making a kitchen island a wise addition to your home.

Kitchen Bar Tops

If there is one word that can describe marble bar tops, that word is ‘breathtaking.’ Marble is a gorgeous and chic stone that portrays a sense of loyalty. Not only is marble a highly impressive stone, but it is also one of the most stunning, natural stones available. If you are a fan of having elegant and unique design pieces in your home, then you will surely love a marble bar top.

Kitchen Waterfall Islands

In the world of contemporary kitchen design, there are only a few visually appealing innovations that have stirred as much interest as the waterfall kitchen countertop. The waterfall design drops vertically down the sides, creating a continuous flowing waterfall effect all the way to the floor. A waterfall kitchen countertop can be a stunning focal point that elevates the elegance and design of your kitchen.

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Easy Care and Maintenance

Aras Marble kitchen countertops don’t need sealing, treating, polishing or any other form of maintenance, other than a simple wipe clean with regular soap and water.

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Design Flexibility

With the cool, tactile qualities of Aras Marble, you can create a huge range of designs- curved, shaped and many others. Aras Marble lets you free your imagination.

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Our countertops are extremely hard-wearing and will withstand virtually all the challenges of everyday life.





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