Granite Kitchen Island counter top

An island is a free standing piece of cabinetry that is placed in a kitchen to supplement the countertop space. There are an incredible amount of diverse opportunities for personal expression in the creation and inclusion of an island to a kitchen. Referring to this kitchen feature as an island does not infer permanence. It is common for owners to purchase a freestanding mobile island to increase a kitchen preparation area. An island is also not of limited or specific dimension, which means it can be sized appropriate to the kitchen space available.

The kitchen island countertop is a functional and necessary addition to many kitchen space, but the idea is to choose a kitchen island style that fits the overall design of a space. That means countertop surfaces, colors and accessories are all factors to consider when choosing your kitchen island style.

For example, kitchen layouts that are characteristic of modern designs should feature cool, dark surfaces and cabinetry for the kitchen islands. Choose marble or granite kitchen island countertops paired with cherry wood cabinets and stainless steel fixtures. Other palettes that work well in contemporary kitchen designs include a simple countertop paired with a white or bold-hued set of cabinets.

In modern styled kitchens, designers are beginning to place more focus on the development of intricate granite kitchen islands countertop by adding sinks and cooking surfaces to them. It is equally common to feature elevated stools along the non-cooking-preparation side of the island as a supplemental dining area. Though an island is an excellent opportunity to include more storage in the kitchen, there are some island designs that have no internal storage. Some have also liberally described a large permanently placed table as an island, though a true island should stand at a countertop height that is uniform to the entire kitchen.