Granite Kitchen Counter top

A Granite kitchen countertop ( bench top), British English or (Kitchen bench ) , Australian English, is a horizontal work surface in Kitchens or other food preparation areas. It is frequently installed upon and supported by cabinets. The countertop may be constructed of various materials with different attributes of functionality, durability, and aesthetics. The countertop may have built-in appliances, or accessory items relative to the intended application.

The common fitted Western-style kitchen, developed in the early 20th century, is typically an arrangement of assembled unit cabinetry covered with a more-or-less continuous countertop work surface. The “unfitted” kitchen design style exemplified by Johnny Grey may also include detached and/or varied countertop surfaces mounted on discrete base support structures. Primary considerations of material choice and conformation are durability, functionality, hygienic, appearance, and cost.

Countertops can be made from a wide range of materials. And the cost of the completed countertop can vary widely depending on the material chosen. The durability and ease of use of the material often rises with the increasing cost of the material but some costly materials are neither particularly durable nor user-friendly.

Some common kitchen countertop materials such as: Granite, Marble, Quartz, Limestone and many more.

Nowadays whenever a person thinks about kitchen remodeling, granite is the first material which comes in mind for the kitchen countertop. To have a nicer kitchen just installation of a granite countertop is enough. But have you ever wondered that how granite countertops from being unknown did became the high end luxury item for the kitchen? Well, if yes then, to quench your thirst about the origin and usage of granite countertop. Here is mentioned a little about the life history of the granite countertops. Just have a look.